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"I wanted to thank you for these amazing gummies. I didn't have to take my pain killers all weekend long and I was able to sleep a whole 4 hours last night with your gummies. I usually only sleep 20 minutes. Life changer"

"I bought it for my mother and she absolutely loves it"' (cannarub)

  "The cannarub and gummy bears really have changed my quality of life. Since I've started using these all natural remedies my pain has decreased by 70%. I've had chronic FMS, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome among others for over 16 years. This has changed my way of life and I am able to do so much more than I have in years."

"The gummy bears have helped keep me asleep throughout the night. I used to wake up multiple times and have a hard time falling back asleep. Since taking your gummy bears I feel well rested" 

"I just want to give you a quick update. I've been keeping a capsule(cbd capsule) of your medication in my sanity visor and using it as needed. Last week I went to SeaWorld with my brother and he recently had back surgery,he was on Percocet and he was really hurting towards midday. We came to the car to take a Motrin and some rest I offered him some of the cream(cannarub). He applied and without me knowing he told my wife that he was so glad that he did because he was able to finish up the whole day with us. We stayed until 10 p.m. and close down SeaWorld. He had two fused vertebrae in his lower back.I also used it the following day on my elbows, arms and the bottom of my feet."

-From one of our Veterans 🇺🇸

"I have osteoarthritis of the left shoulder. Lately I have been suffering with severe neck, upper back and shoulder pain. The inflammation has been really bad for over a week. My boyfriend, who is awesome by the way, went to your shop today and got me the CBD balm. Initially my pain was a 9 out of 10. After using the CBD my pain went down to a 1 !! My girlfriend was having jaw pain from being a naughty girl with her boyfriend and she rubbed it on her jaw and it took her pain away too ! This CBD is awesome!" ❤❤❤


"My grandma has been using the cannarub for the last 5 days and she said her knee feels so much better. She had been crying in pain before she used it and said that the pain has been bearable.  Thank you soo much! Needless to say, you have a new loyal customer!"



"The lavender CBD roller is amazing, it has helped so much with my anxiety" 

"I tried all kinds of creams (hydrocortisone, AD, a cream a dermatologist prescribed) to get rid of the rash I got from a hernia belt. Nothing was working and I was miserable. I tried the cannarub and it worked overnight. I have arthritis in my hands. As a secondary benefit, I can feel better movement in my fingers just from applying the cream to the rash"

"I used her home made infused lotion/butter(cannarub)on my hip/lower back for sciatica issues and was immediately pain free. I'm a believer" 

"The gummies make you feel so relaxed and I had the best nights of sleep while taking these. Thank you!"

"I am so glad that a friend introduced me to your CBD line. I struggle with anxiety and insomnia so I ordered the lavender rollers... the scent alone is so beautiful and relaxing. I could not believe how great it works. It’s calming and helps me sleep so much better. I was so impressed with it that I bought the Cannarub for my mom. The effects of chemo and a bad car accident left her in a lot of pain. We have tried everything to find relief for her. The Cannarub not only helped her manage her pain but get restful sleep because she was no longer in agonizing pain at night. Your products have been so helpful and so healing. Thank you so much" 💚

"I just keep coming back to your products. We recently rescued a dog from the shelter. She had been abused and is sometimes fearful of certain noises or situations. She will sometimes pace or circle. Since we had benefited from using the rollers and Cannarub I got the CBD drops for pets. It works so well in calming our dog so that we are better abled to work with her and reassure her. Again, thank you for your awesome CBD line it has truly brought healing and relief to the whole family" 🐕💚

"I haven’t been able to take my migraine medication since they have me on a new med routine for my hashimotos. I took a capsule right when I felt like I was about to get a migraine and it totally disappears. I would usually have to take medication along with a nap only to wake up groggy and that did not happen when I used a capsule."

This is AMAZING(anxiety roller)!!! thank you so much. Definitely need to order more. Saw a huge difference today using it at baseball

"Thank you for making such amazing products! I love the oral CBD drops I ordered as well as the little freebies you threw in."

"On top of having acne issues, my skin was really red and irritated due to the hard water in our area. Using the topical oil has calmed my face down a lot. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun and this has worked so well for me. Thank you for making such amazing stuff "

"Yess I have, my aunt had a bottle of your guys CBD drops and I was having problems with my anxiety that night that spent it at her house and she gave me some drops that night and when I woke up the next day, and let me tell you that those drops worked like a charm!!✨ I started to feel relaxed and more tranquil, It just felt like my anxiety melted away, and I’ve tried other products but none have came close to the feeling your guy’s drops had me feeling and how much better I felt 💯"✨#Magic


"Hey! I wanted to let you know I've been using your lip balm and it's amazing! We've started using the fireplace at night and it's been drying out my face and I woke up with painful cracked lips yesterday. I used it alot yesterday and the cracks are totally healed today and my lips are so much softer! It smells and tastes SO good too" 😋


"Forgot to tell you - I tried the sample bath bomb you gave me a while ago and it was AMAZING. That, coupled up with the CBD pills has really helped me get over the hump on this back/hip pain that I've had since December.  Such great products...thank you!"

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